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The Data Divide Problem. Solution? CONFES !

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The Data Divide: The Disconnect Between What Users Need and Carriers Can Provide

By Ed Hardy, Editor | 7/22/2011 

"Two recent developments highlight a growing problem in mobile technology. Amid much excitement, Spotify came to the U.S., enabling users to stream music to their smartphones all day long without ever repeating a song. Within a few days of each other, however, Verizon and T-Mobile became the latest carriers to switch to tiered data plans, requiring its customers to pay more for wireless data -- the wireless data needed for such services as Spotify.



Apple itself is coming on board with its iCloud service.

Contrast the growing number of heavy-bandwidth services with Verizon's least expensive new data plan: 2GB of data transfers a month for $30.


No Easy Answers
The super-fast 4G networks that so many people have been looking forward to for years are finally arriving, just in time for them to much less useful than had once been hoped. An extremely fast connection to the Internet is only so much use when someone can use up their entire monthly data allotment in about half an hour. "



Massive "optical access to the home" network deployments are are imminent, and long due. CONFES approach will complement the converged solution and provide the answer to lowering operators' costs, and allow affortable 100s of GB per month plans.