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The project is structured in five (5) Work Packages (WP), each one broken down to Tasks.

WP1: Project Coordination and IPR Management

  • Administrative & technical management

  • Dissemination of results

  • Commercial exploitation of results & IPR management

WP2: Requirements, Specifications and Techno-economic Analysis

  • Analysis of service requirements and mapping to network requirements

  • CONFES Architecture Specification

  • Use cases

  • Techno-economic analysis of service deployment strategies

WP3: Network Design and Evaluation

  • Optical backhaul design

  • Support framework for convergence with wireless networks

  • Unified Optical-Wireless converged network solution

  • Network evolution and roadmap

WP4: Protocol Design and Solution Development

  • Development of resource allocation framework supporting capacity demand migration and user mobility

  • Development of enhanced QoS-aware session management functionality

WP5: System Integration and Evaluation

  • Trial specification & system definition

  • Installation & Integration

  • Trials & Evaluation